Tuesday, January 24, 2012

Kiddie Phone, It's For You!

We have 3 phones in our house. We have our Vonage phone, so we can call our loved ones back home. We have our cell phones (we love! because we are all on a plan so we can call each other free!). And we have the Kiddie Phone (as CC calls it). Once we got on this cell plan with all of our staff, it basically made our landline unnecessary. Anyone who would call us is pretty much on our plan. But we kept the landline just to have it in case it is ever needed/for emergencies/etc. As our girls have grown, they've given out that number. Now the ONLY people who call our landline are kids. Everytime it rings, CC yells, "Kiddie phone! It's for you!" and it makes me laugh every time. He and I never answer that phone. It's never for us.  It's only ever kids, or a Turkish telemarketer, or the man in charge of tapping our phone who has accidentally gotten his wires crossed (literally) and allowed me to momentarily eavesdrop on him! (True.)

Tonight it started snowing. Again. I don't think we've had 2 straight days without snow in weeks! As soon as the Kiddie Phone rang tonight and I looked out and saw it was snowing, I said to Miss Middler, "It's for you. It's _________ (school friend) calling to see if we are having a snow day!" (They all know that her dad will be the one to decide). I was in the background whispering, "Tell her to check the school website by 7AM. That's how she will find out if it is a snow day!" So Miss Middler politely turned to the phone receiver and said, "Please call this phone by 7AM to see if it is a snow day!" So glad we could help.


Angie said...

The kiddie phone, that is adorable. We still have our landline because in this area cell service isn't great. You just can't depend on them.

Snow, I want snow!!! We are in KY & there has been no snow in sight all winter :(

Anonymous said...

I chuckled because we are going through the telephone ordeal now. Three cells and a Vonage phone . . . (It is amazing to talk to anyone overseas for next to nothing.)

We dished the landline long ago but now are debating about the Vonage as we begin to need to add the boys to the cell phone users. (Rule of the house is no one has a cell until high school, a show of responsibility/maturity and of course, a need for one.)

As I watch our cell phone bill climb just for basics, I sit and wonder what happened to the 'good ol' days' when your phone was hooked to your wall. If you were away from it and didn't have a quarter for a pay phone, you didn't call. We all managed to survive real well, didn't we?

There is an verse in Ecclesiastes (7:10) that says not to ask why the former days were better than these. That is not wise.

So, I back up and regroup struggling to get my "old boots" off, and looking for the new ones that God wants me to put on.

You're not the only one who loves their "old boots." :)

Love you Sara,

Anonymous said...

Ahhh ... snow days! This ESL teacher hopes for one or two this winter in Memphis!
Love to you all - I enjoy the Campbell blog each day :)

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