Thursday, January 12, 2012

Road Trip: Swimming

 I haven't blogged all week! I guess getting back into the swing of school and trying to put some final touches on my college course (for Tennessee state re-certification) has kept me busy. But I must finish, look at my handsome boy!!! He was smart. He got in the pool just long enough to realize how very unpleasant it is to swim in a cold pool in December. After that, he just pranced around the pool and watched his sisters, but he insisted on wearing his goggles.
 Sweet Cheeks did a little swimming, but mostly sat wrapped in a big towel cozy and happy.
 These girls had a high tolerance for cold! They registered shock when they jumped in, but that was the end of the complaints. They swam like little fish, thanks to Mrs. Trish and our summer swim lessons.
 After a time, I convinced them we needed to go somewhere warmer...the Turkish hamam!!! Ahhhh! It's nearly impossible to get a picture in there because it is so steamy hot. It was so fun. We basically had the whole hamam to ourselves. I just stretched out on the hot marble slab and let my children pour varying degrees of hot water over me. Fun for them. Wonderful for me. The way it works is that you basically run your hot water into a marble basin, then scoop it out to bath yourself. Big Ben and Sweet Cheeks discovered the basins to be just the right size to climb into.
 The edges are blurry due to the steam-factor, but I think this is pretty enough to be in the hotel ad!

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Anonymous said...

The girls are beautiful, aren't they? :)

EVERY picture of Ben I wanted to comment on how much he looks like his grandmother!!! Never seen such a resemblance to a grandparent. You don't even look as much like her as Ben does. :)


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