Monday, January 16, 2012

Sunday Morning Snow

We woke up Sunday morning to a big snow! Thankfully, we are close enough to walk to our little church (which is amazing considering there are only 2 English speaking churches in our city). After our Sunday morning at-home Turkish breakfast, we put on coats, gloves, hats, boots and headed out the door.

I was so thankful to find a coat for Firstborn on Saturday. The winter clearance has begun, so it was 1/2 off. Then you take 1/2 of that to convert it to US dollars. I found this beautiful hooded wool coat for US$30.

 Speaking of good prices, this down winter coat was $5 at Old Navy many years ago. She is now the 3rd daughter to wear it, so does that make it about $1.67 per kid? Not bad! (The funny thing is that even though I bought it years ago when we moved here, which makes it about 7 years old...Sweet Cheeks has a friend in her class with the exact same coat. Her mom and I laughed about it...this little girl is the recipient of a hand-me-down from a much older sister, too! Smart thinking, mom!)

 Big Ben has never really loved the snow until this year. He is happy to tromp around in it and let his sisters carry his sled back up the hill for him!

 This girl and her sidekick (below) would stay out in the snow for 5 hours if I let them.
 This sweet girl has always loved the snow since she moved to this climate at 18 months old. Incidentally, she only has 2 more days to be a single digit in age!

 On our walk back, Twinkle Toes helped her brother. He liked falling in the snow and letting her help him back up.

 And then there's the two older folks in the family! We were thankful to break up our walk back up the hill after church with a quick stop for lunch. Turkish pide, Kiremitte Tavuk, and Tavuk Sis fueled us to make it home. It also didn't hurt that the restaurant owner provided us Kunefe for dessert and insisted we stay to drink Turkish coffee and tea. We love our neighborhood!


Anonymous said...

Hi Sara! This is Christy (Cowling) Wallace. Hope all is well with you guys today. My middle daughter Ashley has a project at school and guess what country? Singapore. Somewhere in the back of my mind I knew someone had lived there and finally realized it was YOU. Part of the project is to make a food from Singapore to serve the class. I was wondering if you had any great, simple, and unique recipies we could try? Thanks so much, and I enjoy reading your blog.

Anonymous said...

Think I spelled recipes wrong!

Anonymous said...

Another good post! Since I write so much (Who me?), I usually just spurt out what comes to mind as I read.

Sometimes it stands out to me the contrast in the way different families do things. As much alike as you and I seemed to have been raised, there is just enough age difference to make a difference in a few things. (Leg warmers, for example.)

I never liked hand-me-downs . . . A horrible confession to most mothers, I know, but it is true. It was not until I had child #4 that I changed that tune. Think I have told you the story - how the boys even ended up wearing sister clothes that didn't look too girlish. :) You can tell I go from one extreme to another, never in the middle. Ha.

Also, I thought of your great neighborhood. I have admired that more than once in your posts. Walking to church would be heavenly! How I would love that! Not that I would never drive, but church in the same neighborhood . . . Wow! Same thing for school. So many perks you have where you live. Still think Saturday breakfast is at the top of the list.

Well, those were my random comments for today. Hope all the kids really enjoy the snow. I can remember playing in snow and when we came in my mother always had a pot of hot cocoa on the stove. We poured it over large marshmallows. Still like it that way today.

Love to all of you-

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