Monday, January 23, 2012

Speaking of Boots

 Sweet Cheeks has been wearing the same snow boots (size 9) for a couple of years now. I kept on thinking that she MUST be outgrowing them soon. Then it occurred to me that her older sister, Twinkle Toes, (in the white sweater above) wore them when she was 3! Sweet Cheeks is 6.5 years old! But everytime I asked, SC just smiled and said they fit her fine. Indeed, once she got them on, she never complained about how they felt. But it took her forever to get them on. I was teaching at school one afternoon and noticed her tugging and tugging to get her boots on while all the other kids were lined up to go home. I thought, "I have to get her to at least try on the next size up boots." (I will say this, though, she does have the smallest and widest feet in the house for her age. When she was born, her feet looked like surgical gloves blown up...tiny, but puffy!)
And so, I brought down the blue ones (size 11) that have been passed down from so many girls. Her face lit up and she said, "WOW! These are so easy to get on! They feel so good, Mama! I love my new boots!"

And that night, I was sort of smiling, thinking about how ridiculous it was that I let her wear those same boots for far too long. And I began thinking about the "old boots" I still want to wear when it is time for me to wear "new boots." My old boots would be things like....thinking if I lived in America everything would be easier. Another old boot for me could be having a little baby in my home, a little plump Campbell to have on my hip whenever I go out. Another old boot might even be wanting to stay in my 30's. My new boots? Accepting life here and being grateful God has called me to it. Enjoying having a pre-teen down to a pre-schooler even with no baby in the house. Embracing the corner I'm about to turn called being a 40-something. It seems like it's boot-switching time in my life. I'm finishing my last year at home as a stay-at-home mom. It will be the first time I will be working full time as a teacher in 13 years. There are no more babies and I'll admit, I miss that, but I have such wonderful companions in my growing children. My old boots may be comfortable. There may be a part of them I don't want to give up. But God has given me some new boots to wear. And I'm guessing since He picked them out, they'll fit me better now.


Angie said...

What a beautiful post. I think we all have old boots that we like to wear. I know for myself change is hard. Your right though, sometimes our new boots is just as good of fit as our old boots was

Tara G. said...

I love this- and it just delights me when God uses something so ordinary to teach big truths we never forget.

Anonymous said...

Amen. I relate. (By the way, I have a son just like Eva - even at his age now.)

Ahhh. I have missed my kids being little. I have watched two of them become "real" adults, not just young adults. I am watching my precious sons that I carried together, one on each hip, a year apart in age, watched them as they come to the threshhold of being a "real" adult and that makes me cry. (Do Moms ever stop with the tears over their children leaving home?)

But I know if I don't let go of my "old boots" I will never get to experience the new ones. I will be too busy yearning for the old and will miss the joy of the new.

Life is truly about trusting God and letting him guide our steps . . .

Wonderful post!


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