Monday, January 23, 2012

Miss Middler's Birthday!

Miss Middler had a wonderful turning 10 birthday! I baked a giant chocolate chip cookie and dropped it off with CC to cut and share with her classmates. (Evidently we've never filled him in on the "Take a cookie to the sisters, too." memo. They came home and wondered where their cookie was! We laughed and said, "Hmmm, Papa cut it and gave it out. He must not have known we always give the sisters some too!") Above is Miss Middler with her darling teacher from Alabama.

Her cake was total chocolate. I didn't have really anything to decorate it with, so I ended up putting gumballs on it that Grandma had send back with us. It made it festive and fun!

Big Ben always raises his hand and yells, "Me!" or "I do!" when anything is asked. I am not even sure what he was answering here. Miss Middler got lots of goodies...Apples to Apples Jr, Shrinky Dinks, a whiteboard, a new purse and headband (which she wore the very next day to school).
 On Saturday we took three of her friends to the mall. They are from America, Kosovo, and South Korean. All are sweet!
 We paid for them to play in a giant jungle gym.
Happy birthday, sweet daughter!


Angie said...

Sounds like your Miss Middler had a great birthday. I love the gumballs on the cake, so creative. It's so fun to watch girlies at the mall, especially in those play gyms! Glad she had a good celebration. Hope year 10 is amazing for her :)

Anonymous said...

I waited to comment . . . I think, until I could see the pictures. (I thought I had commented . . . ??? but it must have went to the same hiding place as the pictures were.) Love computers and internet, don't you?

I loved the birthday cake and laughed about the nine candles!! Poor Sara!! Most definitely a busy, but very sweet mom.

My poor kids were always used to their mother's procrastination meaning we had the birthday cake the day "after" or two days "after" the actual birthday. Yeah, well. I always told them that we were stretching out the celebration!! (At least you are on time!!)

We have done that so much that it is now traditional - really. Kathleen's birthday was last Tuesday and her birthday present is not there yet . . . although we did mail it -- Wednesday. (Sheepish grin goes with that sentence.)

When apologizing to Kathleen for the delay, her words to me were, "Mom, it's not a big deal, we just stretch out the birthday celebration like always!" :)

Aren't kids wonderful? Better than we deserve, don't you think? I do.


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