Monday, January 2, 2012

Road Trip: An Ancient City (Part I)

We, the Campbell clan, really never tire of finding old cities and tromping around on the ruins. To some it may just be "old rocks," but it's fun to us. I think for me the biggest thrill lies in the fact that each of these cities housed people who were just a few generations away, or maybe even the same, from the time my Lord lived on Earth. That's amazing. I also love to see the old churches. We thought about trying to find Corydella , the city we searched for last year but never found. We've since named it "The Lost City." To ease the frustration of not finding it, we've convinced ourselves it is currently submerged under water somewhere. Instead, we found a place called Limyra. Its history dates to the 5th century BC and onwards. Just a few turns off the beaten path, amid a village (the occupants of which rarely see foreigners) and a mountainside of greenhouses, we stumbled upon this theater. It had connecting archways and tunnels. The massive stones which made the seating for the theater even still had notches where they were once connected by some type of metal. The town was known for its rich, abundant soil. The soil must still be rich, the tomaotes in those greenhouses were beautiful.
No entrance fee. No one to care if the kids climb to the top or jump from stone to stone.
Someone recently asked for a family photo, so we took this one. I of course panicked as CC ran to his place, not quite quickly enough. But I somehow managed a smile in this one.
I took far too many pictures this day to limit this post to just one. I'll continue tomorrow. But first, let me wish my dear dad a VERY happy birthday!


Anonymous said...

Sitting back in my easy chair (figuratively speaking), and enjoying your posts about your trip to the coast.

I am totally with you on finding the ruins of old cities. How fun would that be??

Loved the waterfalls and do agree about playing. It is good to have physical play, especially for mom and dad. Notice how playing is a part of a child's development - that right there should tell us adults something.

Thanks once again for sharing Sara. I look forward to all the pictures and narratives to come!


Lindsey said...

Wow - what an education you're giving to your kids with all of these exploration trips!! I'm totally jealous!

Your dad and mine have the same birthday. :) Happy birthday to your dad!

Tara G. said...

Yep, we have the same tastes. We had a blast climbing over ancient Philippi-even did the wave in the theater! :) This place looks amazing!!!

Rachel said...

Ephesus was the only really old city that I got to see while in Turkey. I couldn't get over walking the actual streets that Paul did. It was overwhelmingly cool. I love history.

Kether said...

Oh my goodness! your family has grown so big! Your boy is no longer a baby!
I am really enjoying these posts. I'm easing back into the blog world and will really enjoy all your family jaunts around Turkey. makes me want to go and open up my albums from Turkey and remember my trip there in 2001. Thank you so much for your sweet words on my blog! Elizabeth has been such a miracle and an answer to prayer.

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