Tuesday, December 1, 2009


Papa went out of town this weekend and returned home Monday afternoon. The kids and I survived it just fine. When Campbell Clansman kept them for a weekend, they went on a long hike and to the zoo. I felt I should try to enrich them as he did. So we went to the mall. That's enriching, right?
And we watched DVD's. And we stayed in pajamas.
And only when they began to fuss with each other did we attempt to do anything related to work. At that point, we began folding and putting away clean clothes. Amazingly they stopped fussing. So we played again. Those rare-seen photos above represent the Campbell girls in jeans just before church. Can you believe how wild and crazy we got this weekend? We wore jeans to church! My pastor complimented me on getting them all dressed, matching, and to church on time without Campbell Clansman here. I smiled. He said, "Right. I get it. You're the one who does this every week!" Actually, that's not true. Campbell Clansman is a big help to me on Sunday mornings. I think I was just braced for it and worked faster to be sure we weren't late. My friend Brenda was a big help to me over the weekend. She even came over and got us playing Wii Boxing. What a great way to get your energy spent before bed! At one point, we took the kids out for pide. There was no high chair and no food (for a very long time). That made Big Ben VERY unhappy. But soon he found a comfy lap and bread and hope was restored. Yes, we survived it, but we are happy Papa is back. Our circle is complete once again, and we're ready to face the week.
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Melanie Keffer said...

I love these pictures!! I am working on "matching" outfits for when Kathleen gets home . . . Yes, after 22 years we still coordinate our dress. I have so much fun thinking of things they all look good in . . . . I'll let you know how I do this year.

Anyway, these were great pictures and isn't Ben, beautiful? Just a handsome little dude. I think I am beginning to see a smig of Ross in his face, but not much. :)

Merry Christmas to all of you!


Lindsey said...

The matching outfits are darling- and the fact that they're wearing jeans is classic! I love how your oldest is hanging onto the youngest, and it looks like he's really enjoying it! That'd be a good christmas newsletter photo! :)
I would definitely argue that the mall can be an enriching, educational experience. (Although I don't know how different malls are in Turkey vs US) The younger ones can learn from watching other kids melting down in toy aisles, conversations about behavior can be had. It's important to socialize and be among the crowds. If any thing else, they can practice money skills and patience, right? :)

I would love to learn about some of the Turkish holiday traditions, decorations, ceremonies, meals, songs, etc. -wink!

Happy Holidays to you & yours!

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