Sunday, December 13, 2009

Christmas Recital

Friday night our Singapore girls had their Christmas recital. If only I'd taken a picture of the bathroom before we left...nail polish, nail polish remover, hot curlers, pins, sparkly stuff, clips. You couldn't even see the countertop. I glanced back at it, as I walked down the hall in my own bling, and thought, "Ahh. Girls!"

The girls did super. Their Papa told them this morning that he read the number one thing people fear is not death, but performing in front of a crowd. We said, "Hey! You did that already!"

Here's Annika. Believe it or not, her dress was a gift from Grandma last year. Her doll's dress was a gift from Mimi this year. And they didn't even talk about it!
Here's Essie with her friend Anny. Anny is a voice major and dear to our family. She sings beautifully. You'd never know she can take a grown man down with a Tae Kwon Do chop and kick. I've seen her do it. Esther and Anny performed a duet together which you can watch on the video link below.
Here's all the piano girls and their precious teacher Mrs. Park, along with Eva who just had to pose, too.
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Melanie Keffer said...

BEAUTIFUL! Esther should be quite an accomplished singer by the time she finishes school. Just awesome . .

I loved it!!


Allan said...

hey everyone, Grandma always thinks you look beautiful, but this pictures were exceptional. Grandma

Carpool Queen said...

I had to come over here and tell you that I laughed OUT LOUD at the Kinky Turtle comment you left on Amy's blog.

I will remember you every time I sing it.

Blessing to you, today.

Love ya'!

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