Wednesday, December 16, 2009

Ghosts of the Past

A very strange thing has happened. Just today, my 7th graders and I read a story that was rather, "Twilight Zonish." Then I walked home, played with Big Ben, fed him lunch (a hot dog wiener, a kiwi, an orange, a package of crackers, 3 cookies, and a small bowl of noodles and spaghetti sauce...I'm serious.) Then I decided I wanted to blog about last Monday night's 7th grade Christmas party in our home. I got my camera and began to upload pictures from that party. But instead of crazy pre-teens shoved together on a couch for a posed photo, I found these. The one above is clearly summertime, hence the dark skin, but I don't even know where it is in America. (Note: Firstborn clearly got her papa's skin tone.)
Here's Perma-Baby from 2.5 years ago. No hair, pacy clipped on, pudgy tummy, and wedding shoes from Kathleen's wedding?
Not potty trained. She was definetely 2.
And isn't this just the sweetest thing ever? My babies with Grandaddy. And this one below...handsome, tan...wait, that's my husband. With our baby. Where is this? Does anyone know? I never took these. On this same download, there was a short video clip of YESTERDAY at the girls' Tae Kwon Do demonstration. Kicking, punching, yes that was yesterday. So how did this happen? I have to admit, I was a little weirded out. Then suddenly I figured it out. At Monday's party we took out the memory card and let the kids make a crazy video to play backwards on our wii. It must not have ever been put back in. So the video we took of Annika yesterday at TKD was on the original camera memory card, as were these mysterious, but adorable photos. What a find. I'm not in the Twilight Zone after all. Attending a piano recital, hosting a 7th grade Christmas party, dutifully watching the breaking of boards at a TKD demonstration, viewing a clogging recital, decorating for the Senior's Christmas Coffeehouse Cafe, baking goodies for 4 kids' class parties, teaching 2 classes a day, and being mom/wife...all in 1 week's time... does not qualify me for the Twilight Zone, does it?

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Melanie Keffer said...

Twilight Zone all the way!!

Same here by the way . . .

On top of all else, David just broke the news that he has a job interview in 45 minutes and he will leave there and go straight to church.

I don't know about you but husbands take as much preparation as the kids . . . . "Dave, that is not the tie that goes with that shirt . . . You have one black sock and one blue, let me fix that . . . No, no, can't wear that suitcoat with THOSE pants . . . "

:) Thing of it is, he counts on me to make sure he leaves the house looking nice.

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