Saturday, December 12, 2009

Candy From Strangers

Last week Annika came home from school and told me that on her walk home, a lady yelled out of her first floor window and asked her to come. She went. The lady then asked her, "Where is your mother? How is your mother? Are you in the family with all the kids? How is the baby boy?" I have an idea of who it might have been, but I am not sure. This was all in Turkish, but thankfully she caught words like anne (mother), bebek (baby), etc. and got the jist of it. Annika smiled and told her I was fine. She said, "Then take this candy home." Annika came home with the mother lode...chocolates, hard candy, fruit candy. I just didn't have the heart to tell her...don't take candy from strangers. And of course, here it doesn't apply. But then I began to wonder...what about if she ever moves to the other side of the Earth? What about when she is in college? Then I decided, ok if she ever happens to be in America for Halloween, I'll burst her bubble and tell her all candy has to be checked from people we don't know. But for now, I just said, "Hurrah! Yum!" and let her eat a piece.

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Melanie Keffer said...

You and I know it was that way when we were kids here in America. That was when Halloween was innocent and schools and churches were never locked. They were safe havens. You could always go in a school or church if you were lost. I remember that well. My elementary school was never locked. You could also accept candy from people you didn't know because you were a kid and adult problems weren't taken out on kids. Everyone respected God and children.

I probably sound strange at times in these comments but I guess I see it from a different perspective thinking that it does not matter how much evil is in this world, God's goodness always overshadows evil. My biggest fear living overseas would not be for myself but for my kids. God has taken care of that for you, hasn't He? Turkey is such a wonderful country for children. That continues to amaze me.

You are very blessed Sara, but then again, God always knows what He's doing, doesn't He? :) I didn't want Kathleen to go to law school where she is going . . . I wanted to her apply to a law school where I thought she would get a "better" education . . . But God knew all the time the quality of what she would get where she is at and it couldn't be any better! He knew!! I tell my kids to let God lead you, let Him doing the choosing because He will choose far better than you could ever choose for yourself!

Amen . . . That sermon is finished now. Ha.

Love you all-

(See how you spark all these thoughts??)

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