Thursday, December 24, 2009

Meaning of Christmas

Recently Firstborn was at a 5th grade birthday party. The girls got a little wound up with some acting, and the mom got to laughing. She told Mary Erin, "You are really good at acting. Would you do a drama for our church for Christmas?" So Mary Erin and her friend wrote the entire skit, assigned roles, schedule rehearsals, and presented in church. The mom supervised it all. I had no idea what to expect. They did a SUPER job. My little girl who used to be afraid to stand up in the front of the church to be dismissed to Sunday School has come a long way. She was Mary in the skit. I asked her why she wasn't Joseph, considering her little Asian Joseph (a girl) is a good 1.5 ft. shorter than her. She said, "Oh, I was Mary because my name is Mary." Oh. Good 5th grade logic. They wanted Benaiah to be Jesus, but I convinced them he might ruin their play. Can't you see him tipping the manger and taking them all down with him?
Little sis Esther was a shepherd, along with her Korean friend Esther Kim. I think they rather enjoyed seeing my shock when I showed up at church and saw her with a goatee. It was very cute, very accurate, and very touching.

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