Friday, March 20, 2009

The Party Tonight

This is what I want to be tonight. We invited all the girls in Mary Erin's class (there's only 5), plus 2 other home schooled friends for a pizza and movie birthday party. And you remember we have 3 other girls of our own. So, 5+2+3=10 little girls. Excited. Rightfully so. But still. It wasn't until we'd sent out the invitations that I remembered that I have Tae Kwon Do class from 4-5:15 today. Right during that party. I guess I could miss, but there's just this horrible pit-in-my-stomach feeling about facing my Korean instructor and saying, "Well, ya see, I had to serve the pizza...." So, rather than actually admit to Ross what I had done, I sent an newsy email to a family member, just a sort of 'what's going on with us this week' type thing, and sort of mentioned, "Huh huh, duh, guess what I did...I double-booked, huh huh, and Ross is going to have to supervise all those girls alone, huh huh." Then I casually forwarded it to him. He's such a man. He came home, faced the situation bravely and said, "What in the world am I going to do with them?" He's their principal for heaven's sake! I am laughing at this post already. So I pumped him up, "You are SUCH a good dad! You can do it! How about if you play fictionary?" (That's the old version of Pictionary that only needs paper and a dictionary.) He said, "I was thinkin', do you think they'd like to play the wii?" HURRAY! YES!!! They'd love it! So, Mary Erin has made a 'mii' character for each of her party attendees (These are little video game icons that you can personalize with hair, face shape, etc. Benaiah's is totally bald with fat cheeks.) and we are good to go. The only problem is that I so wish today I COULD skip Tae Kwon Do, morph into a housefly, land on the wall, and watch for an hour. Now, that would be fun!


Ms. Morton the teacher said...

The fly was ugly; I'm sure you were much cuter sitting there on the couch!
When I first saw the clipart, I thought you'd had another invasion.

Melanie Keffer said...

I'm sitting here thinking . . . Little girls party? Piece of cake. I want to see your blog (if you still have enough sanity to write one) ten years from now. That is when I will be laughing! :)


Melanie Keffer said...

Oh, I forgot to comment about the fly . . . . I thought you were going to show the girls the movie, "The Fly." There is an older version with Vincent Price that is very clean and very scary. :))) I thought . . . "Wow! She is going to scare them to death!" :)))


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