Saturday, March 21, 2009

The Party Tonight Part II

Well, as you know, one must 'expect the unexpected.' About an hour before the party was to begin, I got a phone call that Tae Kwon Do had been cancelled! Ross breathed a sigh of relief, and we tackled the party as a 'two-some.' But oh, how fun that would have been as a solo flight for him, huh? He walked in the door, stripped off his overcoat, and said, "Ok, girls! Let's learn to ride a cow!" We let them each have turns playing the wii game where you ride a very obese, non-agile cow and knock over scarecrows and jump over hurdles. This picture says it all. Look at the faces! I love it!
Mary Erin received wonderful gifts. The most surprising was when she opened a gift from a little Korean friend who was too sick to attend. She gave her a pencil, a little butterfly case, and a pink dustpan and broom. You should have seen me, scrambling to understand, to say something to indicate that I had some sort of clue as to why she gave her a dustpan and broom. Thankfully, another Korean friend explained that in her culture EVERY student had to have their own mini dustpan and broom to clean off his/her own school desk. "Of course!" I yelled. "Please tell her that Mary Erin's mama is a big fan of any gift that helps her stay tidy!" Don't you love different cultures?
A sister photo.
The party-goers.
The party-goers in their crazy state.
Phaselis absolutely loved 10 adoring women in his home. He has a fondness for Rebecca. The last time she came, he chewed on her braids lovingly. This time, she scratched his belly during the entire movie, and he pawed her head. It's Spring and love is in the air, I guess.
We really didn't need entertainment at all, we have Benaiah. Amazing how God makes even little girls love babies.
My attempt at cake decorating. Pitiful but it tasted good. Those are kite strings, not a giant green spider.
You've grown, Mary Erin. We are so proud of you! (That's not Benaiah in pink, it's Esther.)


Melanie Keffer said...

Another wonderful post to add to the favorite list. The dustpan gift was so charming. Wasn't that sweet? These are years your kids will never forget.


P. S. I love Eva's face in the different pictures. I like when she claps her hands over her mouth!

If Ross is anything like David, he would handle a gaggle of girls with one hand behind his back. He would probably have them all giggling before it was over. :)

Vicki F said...

I've loving these photos. But I'm wishing that you were asleep instead of blogging on a Sat. morning. Sure do wish Emily could have been there too.

Ms. Morton the teacher said...

ME, just where do you plan to put TWO horses? There's not enough grass in all of the city to have two horses graze, is there? Especially right now in this winter/spring/winter/spring/winter ...that we keep having.
Happy Birthday, squirt; guess I need a new nickname for you 'cuz you are just getting too old!

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