Monday, March 23, 2009

Miracle Falling from the Sky

Last December, this cabinet 'unattached' itself from my kitchen wall and fell. When it fell, it hit my counter top, then the floor. All the glass was smashed and broken. All my decorative pieces inside were destroyed. I also lost many of my food items in the covered part. It also hit Benaiah's high chair.
But we weren't here. We were away for the week.
God protects us even when we don't know we need it.


Melanie Keffer said...



I was thinking this morning how there is nothing like a relationship with God. I was reading the 17th chapter of John. That is a favorite chapter because it is the chapter where Jesus prays for his disciples and so forth. What I love is it is Jesus, himself, talking to God the Father. That is so awesome to me. What was you said last week about being a fly on the wall? That is similar to reading that chapter --- being privy to what Jesus says to His Father.

This was a good post. We had another miracle meal for breakfast this morning . . . . As I struggle to learn to budget on half the money we had before. :) You know what amazes me about that? God feeds us so well! We had pork chops and scrambled eggs for breakfast. It was delicious. These were pork chops (the good kind) I put in the freezer once when I had a couple left over - not enough for a normal meal. As I took them out, I said, "Father, please don't let them be spoiled/freezer burnt." They were perfectly fresh!

So Sara, not only does our Father keep us safe, as you just shared, He feeds us well. Just like the Bible says, right?

Your Sister in Christ

...SHAINA... said...

Yes He does!

Your son is sooo cute :)

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