Sunday, March 15, 2009

Love Affair

So many good blog post ideas floating in my head...should I write about the strange concoction my neighbor made for me? or the authentic Chinese restaurant we found on Friday night? or about how I can not do the forward roll my Tae Kwon Do teacher is requiring of me? Perhaps we'll get to all those later in the week. For now, I must tell you about Benaiah's love affair. He has 2 handmade blankets that are his absolute love affair. One (the yellow one below) was made lovingly by our Social Studies teacher, a Virginia gal From the moment he got it, he loved it. He sticks his little fingers through the knitted holes, and that is his signal to sleep. Ross brought me back this white and green one handmade by my Aunt Martha. I gave it to him that first day and he stuck his little fingers through it and held on for dear life. This week he even laughed when he saw me bring this blanket to him for his nap time. I'd say that indicates love.
And the really interesting thing, which I doubt either of these gift-givers knew, is that when I take a blanket like this for Benaiah to go out-and-about, I seem to pass the keeping-my-baby-warm-enough test with the Turks. Something about the fact that it is handmade, I suppose. They think that is the way it should be, I guess.

Maybe they think he is wrapped not only in warmth, but also in love. Indeed he is.

And besides the fact that these two blankets make my Turkish friends happy, any gift that signals to a baby that it is time to sleep is a winner in my book.


Rachel said...

i love them! addelyn does the EXACT same thing when she sleeps with her blankie katie made for her-i love the sweet fingers coming through! precious!

Melanie Keffer said...

One of my favorite things when my kids were babies was baby blankets. I loved to wrap them in beautiful blankets. Those were always my favorite presents. They all had special "church" blankets that were fancy for church. I saved all their baby blankets. Never could get rid of them - the little plain ones, homemade ones and so on.

When I was pregnant with Karoline I decided to teach myself to crochet and knit so that I could make heirlooms for my kids. That was 19 years ago and I've been crocheting/knitting ever since. I have given away most of what I made. I keep telling myself, "Melanie, you've got to get the things for the kids made so they can have them when they leave home!" :)

My favorite thing to make is afghans and blankets. I still like them.

I was always worried about my babies sticking their fingers through the holes . . . Not sure why I worried. They probably would have enjoyed it like Benaiah.


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