Tuesday, March 24, 2009


Today marks the day, one decade ago, that I became a parent. I remember wondering before she was born, what would I think when I saw this first baby for the first time?
I assumed my first thought would be, "It's a ___________!!!" (girl/boy) since we didn't know ahead of time.And then I thought, maybe we'd study his/her eyes and nose and mouth and try to guess who he/she looked like.
Or perhaps we'd count the fingers and toes and marvel at how tiny they were.
But you know what, none of those things were my first thought. The minute I laid eyes on this tiny, beautiful baby girl, all I could think was that I'd give my life for her.
And today is 10 years later from that day when I thought that first thought upon seeing her. And I still think it. So, to the tiny baby who came into my life 10 years ago today, who now comes up to my chin, I love you and I always will. Happy birthday, Mary Erin.


Melanie Keffer said...

Sara, Sara . . . Bless your heart!!

You know my first thought when Kathleen was born? "Wow! She doesn't look a thing like me!" It was hard to fathom how something can come from your body and not even resemble you.

Lest you think I was one big bundle of vanity . . . . I was! BEFORE my kids were born. It was while I was pregnant with Kathleen that I discovered what it meant to love something more than you love yourself.

Isn't it amazing?? Mary Erin reminds me of Kathleen a lot. My little red-headed doll whose smile still lights up her face is now on the brink of fulfilling God's calling on her life.

Talk about the tears . . . I believe you're going to be worse than I am! Ha . . . And my eyes stay wet a lot these days. Wait until you see all that you have taught Mary come to life in her. That is a crowning achievement for a mother I believe.

By the way, with the sudsy beard she does look like Ross!! You can really tell in that picture. Kathleen is a dead-ringer for her dad as well. Sit them side by side and they are like twins.

I hope she has a great day!!


Laurie said...

Happy Birthday Mary Erin! I hope my girls grow up to be as fine a girl as you are.

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