Thursday, March 12, 2009


So many times, my soul mate says just the right thing. The morning after my grandmother died, he said, amid the little feet running through our house, "Granny is gone, but she sure left a lot of her DNA running around." That comfort became full in my heart, and I had the idea to dedicate a blog post to all of her great-grandchildren. Beware: there are 22 of them, and they are all beautiful.

My mom bought 1 single white rose for each great-grandchild for the funeral. She added a ribbon with the name of each.

This one survived the tornado that hit Union University. Don't think she'll be single too long, do you?

This handsome guy is fighting (and winning against) a disease that would have left most adults defeated and spent. He's a hero.

The comment some guys made upon seeing this photo was, "wow worthy." That's an understatement.

Here's the Memphis heart throb.

Here's our new addition from Korea. She's in the arms of her mama's twin. These are the twins who actually make me feel, because of my relation to them, that I have some claim on fame.

These are my baby cousin Rachel's kids. Her eldest is now a basketball star, she was just a little girl at my wedding. Our kids want to be pen pals and recently exchanged addresses.

These are the great-grands from Virginia. They went to Granny's grave and planted flowers and installed a light. The boy is named for my Papa (Granny's husband), Maston. Cuties, aren't they?

And here's Caleb, my brother Tim's oldest. He's the one I have to talk to (a-hem...listen to) for a good long while on the phone before I can get his mama.

Here's Leah, the tiny middle gal with all the spunk. She just lost her tooth.

Here's Ruth, the one who walked and talked earlier than any kid I've ever known. Just wait til college scholarship time.

Here's Josiah. Enough said. Total eat him up stuff.

Here's the bis sis Anna Blair, who adores her new baby sister Lydia Leigh (the youngest and newest member). Granny didn't meet Lydia, but she will.

And here's my brood. Mary Erin, the oldest, a constant help to me. How can she be about to turn 2 digits?

And Annika, who prayed every night that Granny wouldn't die, and then added, "But God, you can do what you want since you're God."

And Esther, the 'middler,' who loves life so much.

And Eva, who you know. She seems to have her cake and eat it, too.

And the little 21 pound tugboat, who is striving to live in a house with girls with some sense of sanity.

And there you have it. Lots of DNA running around. Quite a legacy, I'd say.


minda312 said...

Yes, it's totally fine :-)

And what a great legacy she left behind!!!

Melanie Keffer said...

An absolutely beautiful legacy. Thank you for sharing your family. It brings a smile.

A Loyal Reader :)

SevenSwansaswimming said...

Looks like some good DNA!

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