Friday, February 27, 2009


Eva Belle Alderman Stanley O'Quinn
Born: 3 January 1916
Died: 26 February 2009
I remember how proud I was to have a real 'country grandma', one that was called a "granny" and how I told my friends her garden was bigger than their yards.
I remember when you asked me what I wanted for breakfast, that you'd fix me anything. I chose one of those mysterious canned jars of sausage in your basement.
I remember when you went into the Kentucky Fried Chicken drive thru and ordered $5 worth of chicken. I laughed so hard I couldn't talk.
I remember when you took me to the mall before I could drive and sprayed so many tester perfumes on me, I felt lightheaded.
I remember how pretty you looked at my wedding, on my brother's arm.
I remember when I told you I was moving overseas and wanted to share the Good News, and you told me you were proud, that it was something you'd wanted to do as a girl.
I remember how much you loved all my babies when I brought them home to see you.
I remember that day we went to Wal Mart together, I pushed you in the wheelchair while you held my firstborn in your lap. I remember realizing at that very moment it would be one of my happiest memories.
I remember when I told you I'd named my daughter after you, and you said she looked like a boy!
I remember even after you began forgetting some things, you knew all the words to the hymns.
I remember taking a photo of you and my little Eva, knowing one day she would show it to her grandchildren.
I remember last summer when I knew I was saying goodbye for the last time.
I remember all those great-grandchildren running around at your feet, blissfully unaware that even their life clocks have begun their countdowns.
I'll always remember you, Granny.
-Sara Leigh Fish Campbell
26 February 2009


Rachel said...

sara-I am so sorry for your loss! i am praying for all of you! what a sweet tribut to granny!

Melanie Keffer said...

Sara, know that I am crying with you, and as always, relating to what you are feeling. I will not intrude with my personal memories. I just wanted to tell you I understand and pray that God comforts you now.

Your blog buddy,

SevenSwansaswimming said...

So sorry about your grandmother, Sara. She looked like a beautiful lady.

Laurie said...

I am so sorry about your grandmother. I know she was a wonderful lady. I remember meeting her. That is really funny about $5 worth of chicken. This is so sweet what you wrote. I will be praying for ya'll.

Diane (Henry) Moore said...

Sara- You brought tears to my eyes. Sounds like such a sweet granny and what a special relationship. I know you will treasure those memories. I am so sorry.

GraceYuMommy said...

Sara, sorry about your Granny. love what you wrote, you have such happy memories with your Granny. Rejoicing she is with the Lord. Take care. :)

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