Saturday, February 21, 2009

Limpin' to the finish line...

We have almost made it to the end, though I feel like we are limpin' to the finish line. Ross and Mary Erin make it back tomorrow evening. Just before we finished our tour of duty here on the home front, Benaiah had 2 tough shots to get on Thursday. Friday he woke up and cried every time I picked him up. I realized his little thighs were swollen (a hard thing to tell on a boy like him). In the last 24 hours, I have developed an infection. I've gotten this several times before, post-baby-delivery, so I knew immediately what it was and got on an antibiotic. I am waiting to feel less fevered and achy. Also, Ross emailed just before they left for the airport and said Mary Erin had a sore throat and fever. I popped him a note back and said, "Take Tylenol for the plane ride. And just get home. We'll all take care of each other." I am so thankful that in less than a day we'll all be back together.

The Lord provided 2 nice distractions these last few days. On Thursday, I was invited to a recipe exchange/birthday party. We all brought our best recipe suggestions and made a fresh new stack for each other, what every woman needs now and then.

Friday morning we woke to snow. As we've always said, about the only efficient thing in this country is the snow plow, so school was open. The kids were disappointed until I reminded them it meant they got to walk to school in snow. School starts at 8:30am. Our kids (being Principal's kids) have to go at 8:00. I think yesterday I had their boots on and trudging them on the path to school by 7:30. I said, "Just go play at school. Ask someone to look after you...I have to go back to bed!" They made me laugh on the walk to school. Have you ever seen Family Circus when the artist traces the child's path to wherever he is going? That's what our footprints in the snow looked like Friday morning. They had a special request that I try to trace their path on my walk back home. Annika had stamped an "A" with her feet every so often to make it easier.

Friday night I was asked over to celebrate another friend's birthday by eating snacks and watching Calamity Jane with Doris Day. About 1/2 way through the movie, all I could think about was putting my head in my friend Jen's lap and falling asleep. Decided to head home at that point.

Saturday we'll stay put with 3 little nurses here at home, counting down the hours. To all my blog readers, thanks for the outlet. It was especially meaningful while Ross was gone.


Melanie Keffer said...

I'm smiling and thinking I wish we were there to help you. I do know how helpful a house full of kids are at times like these. Believe it or not! Your term, "little nurses" was on the money. Your family reminds me so much of ours. We ALL pitched in for whatever one of us was going through.

I took the boys out of school to attend the girls' honor events . . . The girls ironed their brothers' blue jeans. When one was sick, we all waited on that one, and so on.

After 22+ years of that, guess what the results are? Brothers and sisters that automatically help each other through anything. I never have to tell them anymore. Kathleen made special arrangements to come home for Spring break a day early so she could go with Karoline and I to Karoline's college auditions. In the meantime, David started a new job and suddenly I was left with no one to stay with the boys. I wondered how I was going to take them and have them sit through an all day affair of nothing but talking and singng.

I hated to ask Kathleen . . . Thought she would be disappointed not to go with Karoline . . . "No Mom. I don't mind at all! The boys and I will find something to do and we'll have a good time."

There's the results Sara . . . . Do you know what else? She will have a good time with them, and they will have a great time with her.

Just a little encouragement for the hard times . . . I know how hard it is to be sick when your kids are little. Consider all these things "training" for the future. :)

I think you will get a boost when you see your babies come home. [smile]


SevenSwansaswimming said...

Hope Mary Erin feels better. EmilyKate had strep throat last week and she was miserable! Thankfully no one else got sick.
Hope everyone gets home safely- I know you did a great job while they were gone :)

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