Saturday, February 7, 2009

Not Forgotten

Monday is our (Ross' and my) shared birthday. But some years (most) Ross is gone that day to the US. I decided this year to celebrate on the Friday night before the actual day...weekends are always more fun and it would give me a nice distraction the first night he is gone. So, I put up a note at school in the teachers' lounge for a girls' night and called one other gal who is my fellow-mommy-of-young-kids-but-not-a-teacher friend. One teacher asked, "Do you want a sign up sheet?" No. Just come. So I really had no idea if it might just be a couple of us or who all might be coming. Along came 5:15pm and 11 sweet friends came to hit the town. We had a SUPER time. We went to a newer mall and ate at Num Num's (yes, we go out for "American" here!). After dinner, we grouped up into shopping-desire groups...some for shoes, some for jeans, some for the Gap sale, some for....well, some for other things. I found a black shirt and some jeans on sale. The clerk tried to tell me I needed a size smaller. However, I was going for the "Minimizing Muffin Top" look and wanted the bigger size. I've included a photo of me sporting my new stuff, along with a beautiful necklace gift from a friend (made here in Turkey, see me if you want one!) Then we all met back up at Starbucks to finish the night off. The only guy invited was Benaiah who thoroughly enjoyed his evening out by blowing bubbles with such an intensity he had to shrug his shoulders while he did it. I had a wonderful time, and it eased the blow of turning 37. Most importantly, it made me feel very remembered and loved. I wasn't so sure how it would be, when on our birthday last year, I told Ross we had a surprise pregnancy on the way. I realized that I would be back at home again and more out of the loop with our team. I had no need to worry.


Melanie Keffer said...

:))))) Nothing like shopping and eating to ease the pain of our better half being gone. I am dying laughing.

You know Sara, we Moms really aren't as wimpy as we seem. We get a little emotional for a minute or two and then we bounce right back.

So glad to see you enjoying yourself. Are you 37 already??? It seems like just yesterday you were 23/24 years old teaching a sweet little girl we both know. I still remember the meeting with you and the parents of your class. You had long hair and a pink dress. Not sure why that memory sticks in my mind.

I KNEW you'd have a great time these two weeks. :)

I'm enjoying the day with my two sons. I am not alone with just the two of them very often. We've been out for breakfast and donut holes. Kathleen is taking her LSAT, Karoline is taking her ACT and David is attending an all day workshop. Today feels like D-Day. Everyone's education is hanging on today's activities.

Better go before I give Tolstoy a run for his money with this novel. :)


Gina said...

Sounds like a great time...Happy Birthday! I am turning 39 this April...last year to be in my 30's is kind of worrying me a bit....
BTW I am from Pennsylvania.

Katie said...

Hey Sara - I'm so glad you had a nice birthday. You look great - and you have no signs of a muffin top in those pants or that lovely top! I'm glad you have such a great group of friends to support you. Love you!

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