Monday, February 9, 2009

Camouflage Couple

Annika woke up Saturday morning on a mission. A mission to match her brother. I tried to be gentle...cute idea, hmmm. Um. I don't know, Annika.
He's a boy.
He's a baby.
But like a dutiful mom, I helped her peruse his wardrobe. Then Annika began jumping up and down. "He has camouflage, I have camouflage!!!" Then she darted upstairs to don her army gear and white t shirt. I think this photo reflects a boy who is trying very hard not to show his pride, don't you?
And if her Papa has anything to do with it, this is the closest to a G I Jane she'll ever get. Oh, and she did add a pink watch and pink swirly crocs to her get-up.


Laurie said...

This is so very very precious! HAPPY BIRTHDAY! I have been thinking about you and Ross today!

Melanie Keffer said...

I promise myself each time I am just going to read, but each time I am charmed by the sweet Campbell kids.

Okay . . . My opinion? No one asked, but here it is as always - That is one of the best pictures of the kids! It would be one of my favorites as a mom were it me.

I used to really worry about my girls not being ladies and my boys being too feminine because their sisters used them for dress-up dolls! You can verify all this with Kathleen. She remembers.

I even had horrors about the girls playing sports and becoming "butchy," if you know what I mean.

Until one day I watched Kathleen play at an SBEC basketball game and she was the most feminine girl on the court, very much a lady. I have not worried since. I also outgrew my fear over the boys as they got old enough to interact with their dad.

Kathleen never liked playing with dolls or the normal "girly" things and she could not be more of a lady than she has grown up to be. Both my girls despise the color pink and Karoline is a definite tomboy who is so lady-like you could call her elegant.

Being a lady and a man is more than what you wear on your body. It is the way you conduct yourself and I doubt if your children are going to have a problem in that area.

That was an absolutely gorgeous picture . . . .

And . . . I've done it again, haven't I? :)


Melanie Keffer said...

OH, and Happy Birthday!! The kids' picture made me forget! Have you noticed that happens when you have kids? You, yourself, cease to exist except as a means to get to the kids. :) Hope you have had a great day.


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