Wednesday, February 25, 2009

Did you think I'd left blogging behind forever? At some point, I think Thursday, we began sinking into the abyss. I'd enjoyed rock-like sleep for the 2 weeks Ross was gone, but hardly slept at all that night. It never occurred to me that I had fever. By Saturday morning, the snow was coming down in sheets and I couldn't get out from under mine. I had started an antibiotic (knowing exactly which infection was re-visiting me). Everything is over the counter here. Everything. It was at that point that I began to see God's Hand in the timing of all this. My good friend Vicki had sent me a big ol' box of hand-me-downs for the girls, which, this time, included Polly Pocket in all her glory...vans that play hip-hop, accessories, male Polly Pockets, the works. If I could just get it from my van. I stayed in pajamas, put on my duck shoes from the 9th grade, shivered under my coat, and trudged down. I got the box upstairs with much effort, snipped it open, and said, "Have fun. I am in bed if the house catches fire." For the next 8 hours, my three little girls developed Polly's World in the den. Benaiah happily watched them. I slept with an occasional meal for Benaiah in between. They had no lunch. At 5pm Annika made everyone sandwiches, fruit, chips and cookies. Knowing I was sick, our school caretaker said he'd go get Ross. I debated. Could I really NOT be there to get my firstborn off the airplane? Everyone dressed and we stumbled out into the snow to the van. It was absolutely wonderful to get our two-some back. We are so much better as a seven-some.
Mary Erin came off the plane with a severe sinus infection. I kept repeating my mantra, "Just get everyone home. Just get everyone home." My sweet husband, jet lagged and snowed under with work, took such good care of us all day Sunday. Mary Erin and I both were starting our comeback on Monday, then Esther complained of a sore throat. By Monday night, she had fever that was giving her nightmares. I couldn't wait to see the sun come up and get her to the doctor. The doctor explained, blah blah blah (lots of Turkish medical terms here), then, "You call it Scarlet Fever, I believe." Did she just say Scarlet Fever? The room spun a little. I wanted to say, "Is that the disease that left Mary Ingalls blind?" but I refrained. But oh, how I thank the good scientist who cared not for himself, but for humanity as a whole, and produced penicillin. One shot and she was good to go.
Today has been blissfully boring. I had a boiled egg. I read my Bible. I washed the linens of my child with Scarlet Fever. I thanked God for His good timing and for medicine. And we are back from the abyss...


Anonymous said...

Oh, Sara! That's all I can say. I love you friend. I love the part about the Polly Pockets (and them not having lunch. They survived just fine!). But, I did laugh about the Mary Ingalls part. Love that show and I love how your mind went immediately there! Counting the weeks (okay, still months at this point, but hope is good!) till we see you!

SevenSwansaswimming said...

Glad you are feeling better!

Melanie Keffer said...

Sara, Sara . . . You know my mind is racing back to "the days." A little comfort about Scarlet Fever - you may or may not know this - The doctor here told me that SF is an advanced form of strep. When he told me that, I felt better! :) The name "Scarlet Fever" scares me also as I think of Helen Keller. (I lived close to her home, plus it is the age thing again . . .)

Still, I relate to what you are saying. Aren't our husbands great? Summer 2005 we took a family trek to the Grand Canyon. Daddy had died six months before and this was our first time back there since he had taken us in 1981. To shorten the story, and according to the doc, I hit that hot dry air out west and the germs went wild! I have honestly never been that sick. I was taking 1000 mg antibiotic pills several times a day . . . no joke. The fever was so high, I would drag from town to town (We were suppose to be seeing the old west.), hotel to hotel. I would go in, barely get undressed, sit in a steaming hot shower, no bathing, just sitting, then get out, pat dry, dress and fall into bed with all that implies. No washing hair, let alone brushing it.

I am saying all that to say that it was at the time my wonderful husband, who is not a comforting soul on a normal basis, took such good care of me. He literally carried me to the car from our hotel when I was in El Paso. In each city he chased down whatever it was I thought I could swallow down. When I said, "Gee, I look so awful," (The re-wet but not washed and brushed hair look.) he said to me: "Melanie, you are with three men (he and my sons) that love you. You are beautiful to us."

I know you can relate to that!! I have never forgotten that and never will. I RUINED their entire vacation but they did not complain. Thankfully, we had plenty of money so we could stay extra time in the hotels, instead of our original plans.

Ain't love grand? More than that, isn't G wonderful to give us such wonderful husbands???


P. S. Kathleen will be home tomorrow and like you also, I do better when my six-some is all here! Looking forward to our week all together.

Melanie Keffer said...

Oh, and Polly Pockets were a favorite of my girls also!! Aren't kids amazing? Just wait until they are grown. You will be so proud!


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