Tuesday, February 3, 2009


Look carefully at this container. Do you see the words, "Anti-Stres"? That is Turkish for Anti-Stress (amazingly easy, that one). This is an extremely large container of hand soap refilling solution. The manufacturers of this actually believe that we will believe that by using this hand soap to wash our hands, we will reduce our stress. I bought it because it was the cheapest, not because I am confident in its anti-stressing ability. As I refilled our soap dispensers, though, I began to think about 'anti-stressors.' What does the world consider to be an anti-stressor? Shopping? A party this weekend? A good strong drink? Separation from a spouse? Telling someone off? Venting? If we are honest, even if it eases the edge for a moment, none of it really works long term, does it?
But here is a good anti-stressor: " Me you have peace. In the world you have tribulation, but take courage; I have overcome the world."-Jesus
We have an Anti-Stressor that works. Even when my neighbor (and friend) who is running for public office has chosen as his campaign slogan, "D-mn the American Imperialists. D-mn Israel." Even when I am taking my daughter to a potentially scary doctor's appointment. Even when my husband is heading out of town, and I remain in a foreign country without him. God is good, all the time. I'll take His antidote anytime.


SevenSwansaswimming said...

preach it, sister!!

tspaver said...

Amen, Sara! Great reminder!

Anonymous said...

Hey Sara Fish! How are you. Look at your cute family...all those cute girls! I have loved reading about your adventures in Turkey. My sister and I particularly enjoyed the "which shoes" to wear to the neighbors house. Funny stuff. You look great---the same as the day I met you almost 20 years ago....sigh* we are getting old! Allison Hill Worthen

Melanie Keffer said...

Another amen from this corner!!

Love you Sara,

P. S. Know what my biggest stress buster is? Getting outside in the sunshine and/or letting the sun (or moon) shine in the window on my face while I sleep. I don't know why that works for me, but I feel sure G knew what He was doing when He created the sun and moon.

I totally relate to the husband out-of-town thing and I am in America! I used to be so scared when David left town on business that my dad would drive 180 miles to my house just so I could sleep.

Remember what the Psalmist David said in Psalms 4:8? "I will both lay me down in peace, and sleep: for thou, LORD, only makest me dwell in safety."

Have you ever thought about David and how he had to sleep knowing he was being pursued by Saul and his army and that had they found him, they would have killed him? Sometimes they were all around him! Talk about having to trust G!

Trusting G is like stepping off a cliff with nothing under your feet except the confidence that He will not let you smash against the rocks below. (It is still scary!) I am here to tell you that He doesn't let you fall!!

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