Saturday, February 14, 2009

Valentine's Day Photolog Part III (a.k.a. How Can Someone Post 3 times about 1 day?)

After bowling, we came home, listened to the hail outside, then...

made a homemade pizza, only our oven is plugged in to one of the outlets that is currently non-functional (until the electrician comes on Sunday). What to do? I called a teacher who was working at the school, asked her to pre-heat the oven for me, then dashed over to cook our pizza. 10 minutes later, hot and fresh, I became the Domino's delivery girl. (The pizza was hot and fresh, not me...) For my Valentine's gift, I offered the girls a bubble bath and a manicure/pedicure on me. I came in to the den to find this...

and this...

I must clarify and tell you that, although it appears we own an arsenal of nail polish, some of them fall under the following categories...
a)bought on a 1 lira table and worth about what I paid for them
b)sent to us in care packages
c)brands such as Hello Kitty that don't actually work but we keep them because it makes us feel like we have more color choices
d)favorite gift idea of my firstborn for Mother's Day

Anyway, the girls made a nice display and everyone, except one little boy, chose a favorite for fingers and toes.

He tolerates all this nonsense pretty well, don't you think?


Melanie Keffer said...

THAT WAS MARVELOUS!~~ You're not telling me anything when it comes to companions!! I am right in there with you! I marvel at those who are annoyed by their children and must get away from them. Not being judgemental, just wondering how they missed the joy that G gave us when He gave us children. On mine and/or Dave's worse days, when life is it's hardest, the kids shine like a bright light and make the hardest times bearable.

You remind me so much of myself and my kids. Looks like you had a blast. I laughed about the nail polish. That was funny. I have to confess that the thought crossed my mind . . . "Gee, they like to paint their nails!!" :)) But that comment is coming from a household that has one bottle of real polish - very conservative color to make the feet more attractive -- and one bottle of Hello Kitty type that someone gave Karoline years ago. We do good to find the polish remover we know we have somewhere around here . . .

I'm grinning from ear to ear.


P. S. Isn't Benaiah an angel? I'm surprised the girls haven't tried to paint his nails . . . . Kathleen and Karoline used to get a kick out of dressing up the boys with clothes AND makeup . . . . I drew the line at the makeup. I told the girls I had to take up for the boys -- they were innocent "victims." Ha.

Sara Campbell said...

Ok, that made me laugh, Melanie.

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