Thursday, August 3, 2017

A Goodbye to the Lakehouse

You likely already know this, but God's timing is always perfect. Sometimes we see that clearly; sometimes we trust when we don't see. The lake house has been for sale for awhile. And a couple of people who committed to buy it fell through. But God's timing is always perfect. During the summer, a couple put an offer on the house. My brother countered, and they accepted. He also threw in that the best time to close would be the start of August. As it turned out, that gave us two weekends to use the lake house and get it prepped to turn it over. We had fun and worked hard to get it ready.

During our last 24 hours there, I think we were all a bit reflective. Not in the house, but in the memories. In family. The teens went down for one last ping pong tournament. 

The next morning, my sis-in-law snapped this picture. One last time to read the Bible on the front porch. 

Some last swings in the line of hammocks thoughtfully brought from a short term mission trip long ago. 

And after we had cleaned and packed and checked and checked some more, it was time to go. We gathered in the den to just pray. To just say thanks. Thanks for the house. Thanks for resources on earth. Thanks for each other. And to pray for the new owners. 

And we drove off. 

Then Grandaddy treated us to lunch on the way home. 


Anonymous said...

This brought me to literal tears. How precious. You must think I make it up but I seem to always relate. We spent 23 years, every summer, at the same place, our entire family for two weeks. I still remember that last summer. We all had a sense our time was drawing to a close but we thought it was for other reasons, never dreaming it was our last summer with my dad. Sometimes you wonder why life is like it is, don't you? I am so glad that you all have these summers and still have many ahead of you making new memories in the new homes God has blessed your family with. I have thought about your talented brother and how he has provided so well for your family's comfort. I love reading about your sister-in-law, who is a walking amazement to me . . . never seen a woman with so much energy! I love seeing all the cousins, thinking of my own I grew up with. I love the once-in-a-while you mention your early morning Bible reading . . . something we also share. I love the talent of your children, Ross' ability to do just about anything and his research he does on everything. In short, I feel I have grown older with your family. I think I have said this before, but I actually met your mother many years ago when she was teaching school. Kathleen wanted to meet her because she was the mother of her "beautiful Miss Fish." So much of life has gone by since then and you have shared the highlights on your blog. I thank you Sara Fish Campbell. It has been quite a journey. If we never meet again this side of Heaven, I will see you all again some day. That is a day we all look forward to.

God bless you and much love. On to the next chapters in the Campbell Chronicles!

Your friend,
Melanie K.

Sara Campbell said...

Your comment could not have come at a better time! Just took Ross and the kids to the Nashville airport, watched the kids cry and hug goodbye to ME. Your perspective, just a couple years older than mine, refreshes me and encourages me to keep going! Love you Mel!

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