Monday, August 14, 2017

Virginia Visit: Childhood Memories

One final post about visiting my Granny's house. The house and barn could always be seen from the highway. I remember being so happy when I finally saw it after our long drive.

And the driveway! Narrow, winding, and long. I always loved to walk down to the bottom to get the mail for her.

The porch was exactly the same. I remember sitting in my Papa's lap here. Spitting watermelon seeds.  Running through the door and hearing the screen bang.

My mom had a great time reconnecting with her high school friend. They told a story of dying their hair together only to have the rain make it run at school the next day.

Just at the bottom of the driveway was the Freemont Church of the Brethren. My papa built the church and my parents married there, but when the new highway came through, it was torn down. My great grandparents are buried there.

My mom spotted a wild flower she loved, so Firstborn crawled down and got her a start to it.
Yes, it was a very good visit.

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