Saturday, August 26, 2017

Move In Day

Move in day at MC runs like a dream. We were told to pull in at 8AM. We were there at 7:45 and there were 75 cars lined up! Soon, the line was moving, we pulled up to her dorm, and upperclassmen unloaded us. We never even left the car! 

It was extremely efficient and organized.

We parked and began setting up her room. Big furniture placement came first. 

CC was really longing to be there that day. He wore his MC t-shirt all day in Turkey! He texted me questions like, "What's the view out her window?" I did my best to answer him. 

In all honesty, she didn't need much help from me. But I loved being there. I put together her closet and desk drawers. Her room was looking more and more like Turkey! 

Her roommate is a sweet girl from Mississippi. She also began finding her other connections, including this senior from our home church in Memphis. 

And I found an old friend too! I haven't seen Shelby since high school graduation day, but we found each other that day and hugged and laughed about our yearbook camp experience! 

She texted me this picture this week, as I wanted her to send one with the rug included. Her rug was a graduation present. We also ran together to Walmart just before I left to buy a piece of fabric for her wall, feeling like the color would warm up the white wall and complement her rug. Her sister told her on FaceTime, "If this were on Pinterest, I'd tag it!" "Really?!" she replied. That's a compliment! I just want it to feel like home and represent her. And I think it does. 

This time was busy and exciting, an easy avenue to avoid the thought of walking away from her in a matter of a day and a half. 


Anonymous said...

Her room is awesome!!!

Anonymous said...

Wow. I haven't thought about those days in a long time. Did you monogram her towels? Haha Before you laugh, I monogrammed all three of my college students and their towels. (The United States Coast Guard has their own monogramming system. ha) I was so afraid they would lose their towels in the laundry and someone else would walk off with them (not paying attention, of course) that I monogrammed each towel, hand towel and washcloth. On Karoline's I wrote messages such as, "Mom, Dad, Kathleen, Maverick, Matthew love you." :) Karoline is a big note writer and leaves notes for us everywhere so I left little messages permanently sewn into her towels. She loved it. I told her she could be reminded of us when she was feeling homesick. I was fancy on Kathleen's towels. Something Kathleen is not and when it was Maverick's time to go off to school, he said, "Mom, you are going to put my name on my towels, too, aren't you?" :)

Ahhh. I sit here and smile and remember. So sweet. Thanks for sharing.


Sara Campbell said...

She got some monogrammed towels for a graduation gift!!! :)

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