Friday, December 30, 2011

Road Trip: A Snowy Drive

 On the day we celebrated Christmas (Christmas Eve), I woke early to put the breakfast in the oven and light the tree and candles before the kids woke up. I was so happy to look out the window and see that God had sent us snow. It really wasn't even cold the day before...just mild and rainy. It was like a little Christmas gift from God to us! The next day, Christmas Day, we loaded up our things, shut down the house, kissed the kitty goodbye, and left for a week out of our city. We have discovered that getting away from school and our home city periodically seems to help us survive here better. If we lived in America, we'd be visiting family. But this helps ease the blow of being so far from home. This is a view of the mountain surrounding our neighborhood.
 We headed South, but saw much much more snow on our drive down than we got in Ankara. We climbed in elevation and saw some beautiful snow-covered mountains. Thankfully, our roads were all clear.

 We got to Antalya just after the sunset. Just in time to wear our new pajamas from Mimi that night!
 And then the next day the girls all wore their new jackets from Grandma. The temps drop quite a bit during the latter part of the day, the jackets came in handy all week.
 And we certainly didn't miss dinner that first night. Most hotels down here are a set price for the room and 3 full meals per day. My kids love the idea of going to a buffet and getting whatever they want, as much as they want. I am certain we get our money's worth!

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