Saturday, December 17, 2011

Christmas Countdown: Recitals and Goodbyes

This has been an eventful week for the Campbell Clan. Tuesday was our Christmas piano recital. Twinkle Toes, Miss Middler, and Sweet Cheeks all did a great job on their songs. I felt like I was running them through some sort of factory machine...Get home from school. Eat. Quick. Wash your hair. Dry your hair. Get on a fancy Christmas dress. Fix your hair. Get your piano book. Out the door.

Here's Sweet Cheeks getting set up on the bench encased in her dress poof.
 She just missed the last note, but recovered. Worried she might be upset, I leaned up and said, "Honey, you did GREAT! Don't worry." She replied, "Oh, I know!!" No self esteem issues there.
 Twinkle Toes and Miss Middler sang a duet of Holly, Jolly Christmas. They made up all the motions, complete with giving each other a kiss on the cheek under mistletoe. It was so cute!
 And then Wednesday, we had a combined clogging and ballet recital at the school. This was Sweet Cheeks' first time to perform. And oh were they ever cute! Our third grade teacher's mom came to visit, complete with 23 homemade little tutus for the girls packed in her suitcase. Now, that's spreading Christmas cheer!
 I was told there was no need to buy them ballet shoes, they'd just use socks. Evidently those in socks were told to put on some little house shoes to keep the dirt in the cafeteria off their socks. It never occurred to me that Sweet Cheeks would choose these! (Nothing like a good pair of 4 times handed down house shoes to wear to your first ever recital.)
 In addition to the fun recitals, we've had some sad days too. Firstborn is losing two very dear friends this time of year, Danielle (Jeannie's daughter) and Seong Ah, who is moving back to Korea. When I glanced back the other night at the piano recital, I saw them holding hands. Whether they were holding hands to warm Seong Ah's hands before her performance or not, I thought it was a bit symbolic. Maybe if I hold your hand, you won't leave? These are hard times for my girls. There have been lots of tears.
And then the biggest shock of all is that Twinkle Toes' best friend since Kindergarten found out they were being transferred to Istanbul before the New Year. Through this friendship, my daughter's faith in what God can do has increased. And Twinkle realized, even at her young age, that she'd found a true friend, one that is happy for you when you get a part in the play and she doesn't. One that doesn't tell your secrets when she promises not to. This family has become special to us for many many reasons. I'll go and have brunch and coffee with her mom, my good friend, one last time on Monday. I guess I never dreamed I'd one day have an Iranian friend who would leave such a hole in my heart when she leaves.
God is in control. Please pray for my girls who say goodbye this week.


Tara G. said...

Oh precious little hearts!! Seriously, tears in my eyes- will be praying!!

val said...

I always believe that there are amazing benefits to raising your kids overseas BUT it is hard to see them hurt with all the goodbyes. Will be remebering them!

Anonymous said...

We will most definitely be praying for all the girls. God has truly blessed them with such wonderful people in their lives. (All of your lives.)

Ah, Sara, I remember one of the hardest things for me as a mother was knowing that my children's hearts were going to break and that there was no way to avoid it. Knowing that they would meet people who were mean to them, knowing they would suffer being the "odd" one because of their beliefs and so on.

Life changes and nothing ever remains the same and there is no way to stop it from doing so. It is so hard to watch our young ones learn this. So hard to see their innocence hearts bruised . . .

I'm not helping, am I? :) I guess I am just telling you I understand where you are coming from and will pray for your girls. God never does anything like this that He doesn't have something good waiting for us down the road. This is the way we grow. In truth, we would not want to stay the "same." We would never develop into the person God meant us to be. Each friend the girls has plays a part in shaping their lives.

Love to all of your beautiful children,


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