Wednesday, December 14, 2011

Christmas Countdown: Goodbyes

One of the very hardest parts of our lives here are the goodbyes. They happen year after year with people we love. Naturally, some of those goodbyes come at Christmastime and the end of a semester. One hard goodbye is to my friend Jeannie. Her husband has been serving in the Middle East inthe US military. In an effort to be a little closer to him when he gets leave, they moved their family here after speaking to our organization director and finding out that there is a school here. They have come to mean so much to us. I'll never forget meeting them at church one week, finding out why they were visiting, taking them to lunch, and realizing at that moment how very special our connection would. She is from Memphis, my hometown. The lawyer who helped her adopt her children is Kevin Weaver, who was (long ago!) our junior high Sunday School teacher. Her oldest daughter China became one of our favorite babysitters. Her girls are the same age as our girls. I was more than happy to let those friendships bud, as they are such godly young ladies. Her youngest adopted son Josiah was such a darling little guy when they arrived, I remember thinking it was a little sad I would never have a little boy. (Little did I know!) But it is time for them to go. I opened my house for a drop-in brunch for friends to come and say goodbye. If I look sad in the picture above, it's because I am! I'll miss you, Jeannie!


Tara G. said...

Your pictures won't come up- what is up with blogger!? I think that the longer we're in the military, the harder it is to say goodbye because we're feeling the pull to settle more. We just had to say goodbye to some dear friends last month- it's not every assignment we are blessed with relationships that go deep, so it's an especially big hole. I always try to remember that we have friends all over the world to visit, right?!

Anonymous said...

Oh, look at the food!! What is the dish of red beside the tortilla chips???

Yummy, yummy.

Can you tell I am on a diet??? :)


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