Tuesday, December 27, 2011

Christmas Countdown: Shopping?

CC decided to load all the kids up in the car and take them Christmas shopping for me. They were so excited. Everyone got dressed quickly, loaded up purses, whispered secrets. I was given several hours all to myself, it was heavenly! I had CC drop me at a mall, and I did last minute stocking stuffers and treated myself to lunch out. I really hardly knew what to do with myself. I found myself commenting in Turkish to other shoppers about clothing or prices.I think I told 6 different Turks that I have 5 children.  I even called a friend to say, "This is so weird! I'm all alone!" and had a good laugh. I was SO curious about the kids' day with their dad, that I sent a camera with Twinkle Toes and said, "Get me some pictures of all the fun things you do and see!" I was envisioning some shots taken in front of a big lit-up Christmas tree at a mall. Or maybe in a clothing store. THIS is what turned up on the camera!!
Where exactly did you take them shopping, CC? Comments, anyone?

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Anonymous said...

Leave it to dad, is all I can say.



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