Thursday, December 15, 2011

Christmas Countdown: Concerts

We have had 2 concerts in the last week. The first was a school-wide Christmas concert. The little Turks dutifully came and watched their sisters perform.

There's nothing cuter than a 4th grader, in my opinion!
I have a feeling she knew I was taking her picture.
Firstborn cut a deal with her little brother. If he would wear his tie, he could come to school and see her saxophone. (She hasn't brought it home to practice, she's afraid Mrs. Grumpy downstairs will start banging. Poor girl!)
And, I'll shamefully admit, I had not heard her play until that night. She has music class daily, so she gets all her practicing in at school. She has a great music teacher. She was given a small part to play alone in the piece and she ROCKED!!! Way to go, girls, I was proud of all of you! (And even you, little Turks, for sitting still!)
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Anonymous said...

Yeah for all!!!

Tara G. said...

Hooray for concerts! Teaching band was one of my favorite things!! And what a dashing little man there!!

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