Wednesday, December 28, 2011

Christmas Countdown: Christmas Eve Eve Party

Our tradition in Turkey has always been to host a big party on December 23rd for any staff and staff kids who are staying in country for the holiday. We had such a great time with the 4 families and 2 singles who joined us. Here's the kids' table.

Big Ben had a big time roughhousing with all the boys at the party.
 I made 2 big lasagnas, and the guests brought the sides. Our yearly tradition is to play "The Name Game." Each person thinks of a name, fictional or real, but not their own. Everyone else has to remember the list of names and try to figure out who is who. It's fun, especially because adults and kids can all play. Miss Middler won third place with Andrew Johnson. Twinkle Toes won first place with Michael Card.
Then we all watch a Christmas movie. The kids get to stay up til the end, turning in late that night, anxiously awaiting our family Christmas celebration the next morning.


Rachel said...

How fun! We call that day Christmas Adam...because Adam came before Eve. :)

Claire said...

What a fun tradition! Merry Christmas!

Bteacher99 said...

Didn't Annika win last year? Gotta watch that one... :)

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