Thursday, December 8, 2011

Christmas Countdown: Cookies

I thought I'd run a short series leading up to Christmas, and let us toss around some Christmas ideas. Tonight, I made my Christmas cookie shopping list. I'm planning to try a couple of different things this year, but for the Campbells it can't be Christmas without this cookie:
It's called Holiday Melting Moment. Literally, the cocoa melts in your mouth when you eat it. The peppermint topping is perfect with it. Something that is very fun to me about making this cookie is that we can not get candy canes in Turkey, nor even Starlight peppermints. So, each year, it's a sort of challenge to see if we'll somehow get some. One year my girls came home from school with some candy canes given to them from US base access friends. I pulled out my stash, and we began trading...."I'll give you 10 Hershey's kisses from my stash for 1 candy cane..." just so I could make the topping to these cookies. My sweet sis-in-law's heart broke when I laughingly described the trading we had done, and she offered to mail me some. But we declined. It's a bit of a game to see how we're going to swing it each year. I do have a stash this year as my mom sent me back with candy she'd purchased all year for the kids for the next year's holidays.

Here's the recipe for this cookie.

So, what is your favorite cookie to make for Christmas and why?


Anonymous said...

How wonderful . . . Great story too! Love the hunt for peppermint. That makes it the most fun. Sometimes when David bemoans the fact that he can't seem to provide all the "luxuries" for his family that his peers at work have, I remind him that money never makes anyone happy.

In other words, "not having" is sometimes more satisfying than having and often leads to way more fun. I know you would agree with me on this. When David was unemployed for 2.5 years, it became somewhat of a game to see how God was going to provide . . . While I wouldn't want to relive that time, there were many blessed moments . . . Like my youngest son's $5.00 shoes when he so desparately needed shoes and we "stumbled" on a nice pair marked down several times for clearance . . . Things like that were fun. Think I could run across that deal now?

Anyway, your peppermint story made me think of that. Such good memories and good times for your kids. That makes those cookies even more special!!


whimzie said...

I love how you make challenges fun, friend!

And I love it when my friends share recipes!!! This one looks delicious! Thank you!

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