Thursday, December 29, 2011

And Finally....Christmas!

And finally....we made it to Christmas! The Campbell traditions were carried on this year. We began the morning with CC on his guitar, playing "Away in a Manger" to wake the youngest Campbell, something we've done since we just had 1 baby. The youngest Campbell complied by sleeping in late, after a big night of staying up late to party. Then we opened stockings, stuffed to the max and waiting in front of the fireplace.

We then spent some time praising God for this wonderful reason to celebrate, then began our Christmas brunch with a birthday cake for Jesus. Three candles represent the Trinity. We all sing, we all blow them out. Big Ben asked if God was getting presents. I told him the amazing thing is that on His own birthday, He gives the present: Himself.

 We received some wonderful gifts from our family back home. It brings such love and warmth to us, it's well worth the luggage space to bring it back in the summer.

My kids aren't perfect. But I can say that every Christmas and birthday, they impress me. They are so thankful for everything they receive. I pray that contentment and thankfulness stays in their hearts. This year I was impressed at how happy they were in receiving their Dollar Tree gifts from siblings. Due to the complexity of shopping in Turkey sometimes and the fact that none of them actually 'need' anything, we suggested they pick up gifts in the summer for each other from the Dollar Tree. They were thrilled to see what their sisters and brother picked out for them.
It was a fun day of surprises. These electric car tracks from the 70's are still alive and well in Turkeyl!
CC got me some winter snow boots and a new calendar. I got him his annual tradition of a bag of yummy trail mix from Walmart, as well as a t-shirt that says, "Papa's Pit Crew" with the names of all the kids on it. Hope ya'll had a Merry Christmas!


Tara G. said...

I love your traditions! My oldest always makes gifts for everyone and the other two got all excited and made their own, too. It was absolutely precious to see what they came up with for one another and for us.

Tara G. said...

P.S. Baby Girl's favorite gift- the Chin.ese-made wind-up duck that hops from our housekeeper that probably cost all of 35 cents! :)

Anonymous said...

Presents are fun whether they are big or small, expensive or cheap. It is just plain fun to unwrap something unknown. :)

All of it, Santa or whatever, is because of The One who was born so long ago in a manager on a hillside in Bethlehem. That is what makes Christmas special. That is the Spirit of Christmas.

Thanks for sharing some of your Christmas memories. I've enjoyed reading your Christmas story. :)


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