Sunday, August 8, 2010

Memphis Get Together

When I was a little girl, living in Indiana, we'd drive down to Memphis, Tennessee, to see my cousins and aunt/uncle. It brings me great joy that, in spite of living in, (how many is it now, CC?) about 8 apartments in my years overseas, my aunt and uncle live in the same house I used to visit as a girl. My oldest cousin used to babysit us in this house and took me for rides in her car that sat in this driveway. She's all grown up now with handsome boys of her own. My aunt hosted a meal so we could all be together in one spot.
These two beautiful women are my first cousins (can't you see the resemblance?). They were my matrons-of-honor in my wedding.
And now one of them has a little doll baby of her own, just the right size to play with my little round-faced cherubs.
Thanks for the get together, everyone! We love you!
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