Wednesday, August 18, 2010

Is it Second Cousin Twice Removed?

So, who is this little doll Sweet Cheeks is smothering? She's the daughter of my first cousin.
We had a swim day with them our last week or so in America.
Does that make her my second cousin? Or my kids' second cousin? Or is she somehow once or twice removed? Whatever she is to us, she's cute and we're glad she's joined the family!
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Wonderful posts . . .

LOVED the pictures of you with your mom and dad.

Hotel story . . . Homewood Suites, Sara. :) Accomodates large families, can get rooms with two baths if you desire. (That is handy, though not particularly necessary, when everyone is as old as my kids are and the group bathing plan is no longer an option.) I have tried them all, all prices, configurations, suites, kitchenettes and the whole nine yards. Homewood Suites is by far the best and most comfortable and not terribly pricey. Just slightly higher than what you probably paid for your room. TRUST ME, the difference is well worth it and everybody gets a bed. I am an extremely picky woman about hotel rooms, hotel bathrooms and hotel floors. Also, Homewood has a full kitchen in your room, full size frig, dishwasher, etc. . . . Nice breakfast buffets every day and dinner buffets Monday through Thursday that are included with your room at no extra charge. We save a fortune on food! Did I mention you can close the door on the bedrooms for little ones that need an early bedtime? Did I mention each suite has about a dozen televisions? (Well, not exactly a dozen but at least two, sometimes three.)

And, the cherry on the sundae to me is they are immaculately clean. I have stayed in them in several different states and only once in 15 years had a room that wasn't perfectly clean . . . The manager was mortified and gave us a free night. Can't beat that with a stick and it really is very affordable. Like I said, you probably paid close to the same thing at your hotel.

Just call me Melanie's Travel Service if you have any questions . . . Ha.


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