Monday, August 23, 2010

Final Fun Part II

My dad and I took the big girls to the Nashville Science Museum. It was GREAT! All day they kept commenting on how much their Papa would love it. We plan to take him one of these days.

On this interactive google map we were able to find our home city in Turkey!
And then there was the simulated anti-gravity space walk. Putting any weight on your legs meant getting zipped up toward the ceiling.
The girls also got to pretend to man a space shuttle in their anti-gravity challenge.
And never let it be said that I wasn't a fun mom. Yes, that's me hanging in that harness with the flip flops.
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Tara G. said...

How awesome! It's so fun to do things like this when we're back! I ought to forward you this article on the zoo here; it's so pathetic and sad.

Anonymous said...

And to think Eva missed those genes of yours!! I don't know if this should be a "Poor Eva" or "Poor Sara" moment. :)

That was funny.

You and Eva remind me of me and Karoline. My opera-singer-in-training daughter and the flat-cannot-carry-a-tune, mom.

With you and Eva, it is the daredevil-tomboy mom and the girly-girl daughter. Amazing how these things happen, isn't it?


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