Tuesday, August 31, 2010

First Day for Oasis

The first day at Oasis is dictated by tradition. We always do the same thing, and it never fails to make me proud, overwhelmed (with gratitude), and hopeful all at the same time.

All the teachers are on duty. We stand outside and all over, greeting kids and parents, introducing them to their teachers, welcoming them as warmly as we can. Then we all pile into the canteen (cafeteria). We have grown from 70 students to over 250 now. But still CC wanted us all in the canteen. He said he likes us to squish together on the first day. I tried out my new camera's panorama setting and got almost everybody in this picture, except for the little people sitting on the floor down front.

After CC welcomes everyone and introduces their teachers (to much fanfare and cheering), we take a 'Gratitude Walk' around our campus and through the park behind the school. Many of us spend that time thanking Him for all he has done for us these years. A student is chosen to carry our Oasis flag. And this year, CC asked another student to carry the Turkish flag as well. He couldn't have chosen better. These two seniors have been with us since the year we homeschooled and waited for our school to officially open.

In this picture alone, the students represent America, Korea, Israel, France, and Ethiopia.

And this was the very first year that we were big enough to stretch all the way around. As the Senior class re-entered the gates, the Pre K class was beginning their walk.

We have so much to be thankful for!

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Anonymous said...

Today has been a day of facing many difficulties that come with life sometimes.

Reading this post brought to mind the fact that "it" is worth it all. All the hardships we go through, each in our own lives, are for a purpose and sometimes G lets us have a glimpse at the big picture and His plans, doesn't He?

I was just imagining that you and Ross must have felt something similiar to that on the day you describe in this post. I know it reminded me of it.

God bless you Sara. Keep the light burning bright.

Melanie and Family

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