Sunday, August 29, 2010

Last Summer Nights

It generally takes about a day per time zone to get over jetlag. (Jetlag is the feeling that you have taken NoDoze all night and Nyquil all day.) But the Campbell Clanswoman and Clanskids feel we've perfected it (not mastered it). It takes us about five days to get over it, rather than the usual eight. It involves lots of sunlight, fluids, and activity during the day, and drugs at night. We were just approaching the end of our jetlag and CC suggested we take a family walk. It happened to be just before the start of school and was a great way to end the summer break.

In this photo, CC is telling me I should take more shots of people not posing and smiling. Looks like I took his advice. (See Big Ben? That is the exact look he gave me just after the pediatric nurses suctioned his nose and put him in my arms for the first time.)
Yum. I've missed CC.
The Middlers chose to roller skate/blade. Can you see Miss Middler's bloody knees? She didn't care.
And Sweet Cheeks found a flower so pretty, I thought it was fake!

Next up: first day of school.
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Laurie said...

Don't think I could hang with that cheese!!!!!!!!!!!!
I laughed so very hard about you saying we should sue our church...I had told Steve right before I read your comment,"What if we sued the church?" we laughed about it and remarked how some people would.
You are sooooo FUNNY!

Anonymous said...

I don't see how you will catch the kids very often without a smile because their mother smiles ALL the time . . . that is something I remember from years ago.

Smiles or not, the pictures are very precious and you do a good job capturing the love and joy on their faces.


P. S. I missed the pictures of the luggage this year but from your descriptive post about the flight home, I could just imagine!! I still think you are Mother Of The Year material for lugging all that luggage across the world, let alone the planning that went into it.

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