Thursday, July 8, 2010

The Week Without Them

With our Singapore girls at camp, it was...frankly, too easy! This little Big Guy missed having a big sis to sit by him in the car and pacify his every desire.
But we took advantage of the fact that we only had 2 kids and did some things that we used to do when we only had 2 kids. Perma Baby had lots of play time with her cousin. All the older cousins, on both sides, were at the same camp.
We went to the Memphis Zoo. It could not have been more different than Ankara's! Big Ben and PB were so taken by these animal statues on the walk up to the zoo, it could have been the event of the day!
CC and I hardly knew what to do with ourselves. We were suddenly not outnumbered. We were suddenly on equal teams. 2 kids. 2 parents. We'd come home and night and sort of sigh..."I'll put him to bed. You put her to bed." In some very strange way, we missed the absolute insanity of being so outnumbered! But it was also a nice break. Still, I counted the days til they were home.
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Tara G. said...

I'm just rejoicing that you are all having a wonderful time! I hope it truly refreshes you so you can dive back in when the time comes!

Anonymous said...

I am relating all the way. Weird, isn't it, when the whole gang is not there? Chaos, when they are there, right? I know! :)

At this stage in our family, where I notice the great big difference is in the grocery bill . . . You would not beeeeelieve how much four young adults can eat!! When yours are that age, you will have to buy stock in the local Kroger!

This past Friday David and I took our four young people to the movies to see Toy Story III in 3D. I will skip telling you the exact cost but it was well over a "seanote" by the time popcorn and candy was purchased . . . and then there was feeding them afterwards. I mean, who does popcorn fill up? Lest you think we are extravagent, we do believe in dollar menus at the fast food place but my goodness when you dollar-menu a million kids and a couple of them have hollow legs . . . .

I know I don't have to explain any of that to you. :)

Still, there is something about them all being together and I know you agree with that so money does not seem an important item when David and I get the joy out of being with all of them together. That time is more and more precious as they get older and go their own ways.


P. S. I love how I am about to have three licensed drivers!! Great for errand running!!

Bteacher99 said...

BB got a haircut?

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