Friday, July 16, 2010

A Shocking Surprise!

Firstborn has been asking to have her ears pierced for quite some time. She always gets an answer from Campbell Clansman, something like, "Maybe when you turn 25." In the back of our minds, though, we had decided a good age to have it done would be when I had it done...around 12 years old. CC and I decided that, after all our stalling and teasing about waiting til she is nearly 30, we'd just suddenly take her one day and get it done as a surprise.
So, last week as we waited in a WalMart Service line, I slipped over to the jewelry counter and inquired about the process. I came back and spoke Turkish to CC (with words Firstborn does not know), and we made a plan. We used to spell things out, but she learned to spell in 1st grade and it doesn't work anymore! (Anyone else ever do that?)
As long as I have a memory, I will never forget the look on her face when CC told her, "Let's get your ears pierced." She flushed, she gushed. It was precious. Oh, I love a kid that appreciates things!! Then she slightly panicked, and said, "Like (her favorite word) TODAY? Now?!"
She quickly chose the earrings she wanted and sat down. I then signed a consent form, thinking how disturbing it is that in many states a daughter can get an abortion without consent, but not an ear piercing. Then as non-chalantly as possible, a man marked my baby's earlobes and shot holes in her ears. She didn't wince.
We took lots of WalMart pictures. It's not every day your Firstborn gets her ears pierced. We love you, our precious tween!

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Anonymous said...

Oh, how sweet! Wonderful post.


P. S. My kids got that reaction with their first cell phone. I refused to let them have one until they were mature enough for one . . . high school or later. Kathleen got hers for a graduation present and I do mean graduation from high school. Karoline is just about to get hers going to Texas for school. (Can you read between the lines at my ulterior motive?)

I'm an old fashioned mother, I admit it. What I do is not for everyone but it is for me and mine. Maverick is next in line. The boys have to show "sustained" (key word here) maturity and responsibility before they get one. Maverick will be a sophmore in high school this year and Dave and I have been talking about doing what you and Ross did with ME and the ear piercing and surprising him with a phone. (Another ulterior motive in that he is on the baseball field ALOT.)

Anyway . . . I like your ear piercing story and am like you, I like for kids to appreciate what they get. I think they do when they have to wait until the proper time for things, don't you?

Bteacher99 said...

The earrings look great, ME! Miss you! Miss M

Tara G. said...


Laurie said...

So sweet! She looks so cute! Emily wants her pierced, but I tell her she has to be in 6th grade. That is how old I was.

Grace said...

I don't know if you remember me at all, Teresa Yager Baker, but I keep up with your newletters at First Evan and through Melissa Mooney. Anyway, I was looking at blogs one day and was at one of my favorites - "Kelly's Korner". I love to pick new blogs off of the blogs that I like..does that make sense? Anyway, I came upon "The Campbell Clan Blog" and as I love all things Scottish/Gaelic, I figured that would probably like that blog. I hopped on over and starting reading. I was hooked. For whatever reason, there were a few posts with no pictures of any parents, so I read along and then I started realizing that something seemed familiar...and then it hit me...I KNEW the CAMPBELLS!!! The ROSS CAMPBELLS! Hilarious! It took me reading a blog from someone in ARKANSAS to get to your blog across the world!!! I thought you might get a giggle out of that. And, my kids loved that your kids went to CAmp Good News and have enjoyed seeing Campbell and Caroline and Thomas in your pictures of Memphis!!!

From a "lurker"....Teresaa

Katie said...

Oh how awesome. I love how you all surprised her. She will definitely not forget that. Please tell her we think she looks beautiful!!! said...

Oh that is great! I also just got mine done. I bet she is super glad.

rachel said...

yah for mary erin---i love it! she looks so grown up with pierced ears...congratulations!! i remember getting mine pierced for the first time-but i was in college! :) ha! said...

I hope Mary Erin really likes her new earings!
Love, SuSaNnAh G. hEnRy

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