Wednesday, July 21, 2010

Perma Baby's Birthday Bash #2

Perma Baby's official birthday, July 15, occured while we were up at the lake house. We had spaghetti to celebrate, then opened gifts. She was thrilled to open a tinkerbell figure and house. The house was an upside-down teapot with thimbles as seats. I remember making houses like that in my mom's corn patch.
She was very happy to adopt a new baby doll named Anna, the cousin of her cousin's doll Emma. The only problem has been that every night I now have 5 little girls to get ready for bed instead of 4!
I chose PB's birthday gift with purpose. I'll admit I had an agenda. I decided to buy PB some type of riding toy. She's just so laid back, so cautious, so content, so...non-risk-taking. Maybe now that she's 5, she should be playing outside more, trying to be a little more rough and tumble. So, she opened her new scooter, proudly hopped on and posed for a picture, then spent the entire rest of the weekend happily agreeing to let every other cousin ride her new toy! She'd much rather be curled up in someone's lap having a book read to her! Oh well, I tried!
We finished our party with cake and bubbles for all the cousins!
Happy Official Birthday, Perma-Baby! And dear readers, Papa announced last's time for a new nickname. She can't be 5 and be called Perma-Baby, he says. And since he wears the pants in our family, what he says goes. Stay tuned for a post dedicated to her new nickname.
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Anonymous said...

Well Sara, it never fails that something in the pictures will catch my eye and in this post, it was the hammocks on the screened porch. I love it, love it! :)

I was also thinking of how much fun you must have . . . all of you there together. I was relating to your mom and dad, remembering my parents and how much they enjoyed providing a place for us each summer to gather. For 20-something years, we spent every summer on the same beach. Daddy stopped short of buying a house down there because it was so far away and he didn't think he would be happy renting it out on the off seasons . . . But that did not stop him from his permanent rental arrangemets each summer and it was most definitely our home-away-from-home, hammocks and all.

One more thing . . . and I have probably mentioned this a million times before. Eva "Kathleen" shares her birth date with Lovie "Kathleen" (my mother) - who will kill me later for revealing her real first name. :))

Oh, and glad to hear the man with the pants is changing Eva's nickname. (I'm laughing because I always agree with Ross!!) I mean, gee whiz, how could you not go along with someone whose own nickname is Dizzle Pop?? :)


Katie said...

Eager to hear of new nickname.
Julianna has that scooter, too!!

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