Wednesday, July 21, 2010


We headed back up for a weekend at the lake house. What good is a small Tennessee town on a weekend if you can't hit a garage sale? We happened upon one and perused all their junk to see if we wanted to add to our junk. Meanwhile, Firstborn and her cousin spotted the garage sale lady's old Corvette. She was so happy they noticed it, she let them get in and even cranked the engine for them.
Now don't go gettin' any ideas, you hear? We still have 5 more years until you get your licence.
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Anonymous said...

My sister and I both had Corvettes . . . Does the word "spoiled" come to mind here? We had them at different times but oh, how I remember.

Tell ME that God gives you the desires of your heart, and who knows??? (Seriously, I always loved cars and had every car I ever wanted to drive.) If it is okay with God, it WILL BE okay with Mom and Dad at the proper time. (I wish my dad was here to share this from his point of view . . . Of course, it helped that my dad loved sports cars also.)

Just sayin . . . . :)


P. S. I noticed Ben is slimming up??? His face looks thinner . . . Oh, growing spell, growing spell . . . Wonder how tall he will grow??? I measured my oldest baby boy yesterday just for fun and he is 6'1". My youngest boy, a year younger that older brother, is 5'9". What is funny is though apart in height, they are almost the same shoe size.

I will love seeing how tall Ben gets.

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