Saturday, July 17, 2010

Swim Lessons!

As soon as we got up to Nashville, we started swim lessons. PB was NOT happy the first day. She cried, she begged, but I did what every mother does when her baby is taking swim lessons. I smiled, said, "I know you can do it." then hid behind the building until she stopped crying!
And by the end of the first lesson, she was all smiles and calling out self-glorifying comments like, "Did you see me Mama?! I am weally good!" And by the end of her 7th lesson, she was jumping off the diving board and swimming the length of the pool (with a helper in the center).
She's the one in the stretched-out, lgreenish-yellow, 4th-daughter-to-wear-it swimsuit. It appears in this picture she had a quite a few scrambled eggs for breakfast prior to her lesson.

The backstroke seemed to be her favorite. As we watched, she backstroked all the way to the other side, then her instructor put her hands under her to guide her to the pool's edge. PB just kept backstroking, eyes closed, big ol' smile on her face, not even realizing she wasn't moving anymore!
Good job! I think she's earned herself a new swimsuit! What do you think?
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