Sunday, July 18, 2010

Fun at the Lake Part I

One of our highlights this summer is visiting and enjoying a lake house. My parents bought some land near a lake in Tennessee, and my brother whipped them up a beautiful house on it. When I say "whipped up," I mean it. He's so talented. It's beautiful, and he built it in a couple of months.
It's on a steep incline, making a great place for a swing.
It's a great place to spend time with cousins. Thanks, Grandma and Grandaddy, for sharing it with us. Thanks, Uncle Tim, for building it! I'll post some pictures of the house later.
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Anonymous said...

Summer houses . . . . Ahh. My kids have memories of a rented summer condo on the beach every year with my mom and dad. I have memories of "summer houses" (if you want to call it that) down on the bayou in Louisiana during the summer . . . (Trust me that is a totally different experience than beach or lake.) My grandparents were from Louisiana. I wouldn't trade that for anything . . .

My grandfather lived on a houseboat on the Mississippi River with seven brothers and sisters when he was growing up . . . Running trotlines and catching beaver and squirrel for their skins. :) In fact, my grandparents spent their honeymoon camped out on the river bank.

That is what this posts reminds me of . . . More wonderful memories for you and your kids!! Thanks for sharing these things.


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