Friday, July 9, 2010

Swim Time!

We thoroughly enjoyed the pool at the home in which we stayed during camp week. Our friends had told us that the pool had a 'chiller'...just to press a button to cool the pool down. We were just so happy to be in a pool that didn't turn us blue (like the ones on our Turkey vacations), we never chilled it, we just enjoyed not being hypothermic!!

I want to get some sort of a tan this summer, freckled though I am. CC started to fuss at me mid-way through the week. He accused me of being a sun worshiper. He fussed that I was going to get skin cancer. He sent me in after 20 minutes in the sun. I told my mom, "You know, I think he's just worried that I'll become so darkly savage that someone might want to steal me away." Her reply? "Steal you away?! With all those kids you have?!" That made me laugh.

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Anonymous said...

Now, THAT is a pool, isn't it? Great that all of you are getting to enjoy yourselves. I LOVE to swim!

I laughed at Ross and your suntan. I know you were teasing but David has actually told me everytime I start a diet that I don't need to lose "too much" weight. (Yeah, right.) In fact, he will start buying me candy bars . . . He confessed one day that if I got skinny again, someone would take me away from him. Hmmmm! Makes you wonder, doesn't it?

Personally, I thought that was precious of David and it just made my heart melt. Who could possibly take me away from him???? No one could even come close to the treasure God gave me.

So, Sara . . . Your brood and my bulk keeps our men from worrying, huh? :)))


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