Friday, July 31, 2009

Sweet Home Alabama

We had the privilege of a visit from our Alabama friends. They drove up for a weekend to see us.
The last time our girls were together, they were 2 1/2 years old.
This adorable guy stole my mama's heart. He ate 2 1/2 of her barbeque sandwiches and just kept telling her, "Thanks for those good barbeque sandwiches you made me." That will get you far in life with a Southern woman, young man.
When Campbell Clansman's college friend married this young lady, I got a new friend. Though we had just met once, she came to my wedding and was such a help to me. She has become a dear friend.
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Melanie Keffer said...

I have suspected, but didn't know for sure until these pictures that Benaiah looks exactly like you! Can't miss his expressions . . . Just like his moma.

Great pictures!


P. S. My little french mademoiselle is coming home Thursday! Today she was at the Louvre. One of the things she saw was the Mona Lisa. She said that was weird knowing you were seeing the real thing but looking like all the copies you had ever seen . . . Ha.

She said the Louvre is worth seeing just to see the museum itself, let alone the art.

Her favorite place today was the Paris opera house of Phantom of the Opera fame. They had a tour of that. . . . You should hear the stories and how that legend began. We had all read the book but she said the opera house itself is magnificent.

Needless to say, she has been having a blast. Her French professor graded her a C1 (C2 is the highest) on her fluency. She was thrilled.

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