Sunday, July 19, 2009

Perma Baby Turns 4!

I haven't blogged much these past few weeks. I guess I've just been far too busy soaking up life around me. I have dutifully taken pictures and dreamed up the blog posts for later, however. I have so much to say, but just have to begin with the events of July 15. Perma Baby turned 4. Does that mean she is no longer a baby? As her Papa said the night we took her pacifier away, and she cited babyhood as her reason to keep it,"You'll always be my baby." But this birthday #4 she has talked about at least 5 times a week since she turned 3. The big day finally came. She only wanted a white and yellow cake (pronounced by PB as "lellow"). Her Fishstick cousins came down for a party. I got everyone a bubble maker as a party gift and out into the cool summer night they ran, chasing and blowing bubbles.
Perma Baby got a big baby doll with some great 0-3 month garage sale find baby clothes. She got a set of walkie talkies (which clearly were the desire of her older sisters and cousins!), a playpen for her baby, and several small treasures dug out of drawers and cupboards from her cousins. She also has a gift waiting on her in Turkey which I could not bring. I found a Dora the Explorer house and figures at a garage sale before we came. Also, she has a party in Memphis in her honor the weekend we return there.
She is holding up 4 fingers, not a peace sign! Happy Birthday, sweet baby. Campbell Clansman, are we SURE she's old enough to start school this fall?
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Melanie Keffer said...

I have fallen in love with all of your kids over the past year, reading about their adventures and mishaps but no one more than Eva. In every picture her personality comes shining through. She reminds me so much of my baby girl who will always be a "baby" to David and I.

God bless you Eva. I am glad you had a happy birthday!

And yes, our children are a reminder of the love between mom and dad!!


Grace said...

Eva has grown so much! It's hard to believe that she's already going to pre-school this year. She'll be a great pre-schooler, though. Bless you Eva!

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