Friday, July 31, 2009


Our baby boy was dedicated this summer in our home church. This is a time where we, as his parents, make a covenant with our church to raise him to know and follow the Lord. As you know, he grew to be a big boy very quickly. Somehow the traditional little smocked boys' suits just didn't work for him. He sort of looked like a linebacker squeezed into linen. I brought back his little plaid tie and kacki pants. Somehow that didn't suit him either. After all, he is a baby, not a businessman. So, once we got to our hometown, I asked my mother-in-law what SHE would like for him to wear. This is her only "Campbell" grandson...a baby none of us expected after her own son hit 40. He's my 5th the time #5 arrives, you just sort of start to let those decisions rest with those who would treasure the chance to decide. She brought down a couple of things from the past. One of those was Campbell Clansman's own sailor suit. He wore it when he was a tad bit older than 9 months, but when we tried it on our boy, it fit perfectly. So, a 40 year old sailor suit it was. He even has the physique to look like Popeye! More important than what he wore that day was the commitment we were making. We are so thankful for him!
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rachel said...

i love it!!! he looks precious. so fun to see pictures of 1st evan!

Melanie Keffer said...

Relating all the way!


Jeff and Kibbie said...

What a special time and what a cute outfit! My mom saved my older brothers' sailor suits - both of them refused to let their little guys wear the sailor outfits, but I told her I will dress Jonathan in them :-)

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